Maybelline Master Bronze | REVIEW

A drugstore Bronze and Highlight palette what more could a girl want? 3 bronzers and a highlight which is universal sounds perfect surely.

I was so excited to have a play with this palette as it looks really nice with an amazing shade selection I think the shades are more of a Mauve instead on brown/bronze colour. Swatching the shades individually they seemed amazing smooth and pigmented with gorgeous colours.


Eventually I started to actually use them on my face but before I tell you how they applied i want to let you know about each one individually starting from the left. I just want to mention the swatches don’t look exactly like the shades they are (natural light)


  • The first shade is the highlighting shade and its a bronzed champagne highlight with serious amounts of pigmentation.
  • The second shade in the palette is a mauve bronzer which to me looks more like a blusher.
  • The third colour in the quad is defiantly a brown toned bronzer .
  • Lastly is another mauve shade but this one has more of a shimmer to it and its more of a cool shade.

Sadly I wasnt impressed I used them several times before writing this and in all honestly i didn’t find them to work well with my skin. I have very fair skin and i found them all to be way to dark for my skin i think they would look gorgeous on deeper skin because they are very pigmented and they are really lovely shades.

I would love to know if anyone with fair skin has tried this and felt differently about this palette? I really wanted to love this but sadly I don’t think it’s for me. Am i right in thinking its better for deeper skin tones?

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  1. Diary of a Brown Girl says:

    For a drugstore product, this actually looks gorgeous and the pigmentation seems amazing! Will definitely check this out next time I go to the drugstore.
    Check out my latest post on the EL foundation, I’d love reading your thoughts 🙂
    Uhreej ⚡️|

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