24K Magic World Tour

I absolutely LOVE going to Festivals and Gigs, this year i want to go to so many more because i enjoy them so much. When Bruno Mars announced he was going on tour I cant explain how excited I was and I NEEDED to get tickets but he’s Bruno Mars I knew it was going to be hard. Bruno is my favourite Artist most people dream to see BeyoncĂ© but me, No I wanted to see Bruno.

Luckily I got brought the album which also came with access for Pre Sale The pre sale tickets sold out in something like 10 minutes and I managed to get myself two. I was at work and having to sneak of to try and get some the internet was terrible so I didn’t think I would get them but thankfully I got Front Standing.


The hotel I stayed at was Staycity Aparthotels Newhall Square which I absolutely love I’ve stayed here twice now and its not just a hotel room you have a living room with a fully equipped kitchen for a very affordable price. I highly recommended this place it also has parking which is an absolute bonus! The location of the hotel was also very good it took us less than 10 Minutes to get to The Barclaycard Arena. The Arena itself was great, the staff were lovely and very helpful. We didn’t have to wait ages to get into the venue let alone waiting at the bar, we were probably waiting less than 5 minutes.

I’m sure you all want to know about Bruno himself…what a guy! He is just insane by far the most amount of fun I’ve ever had at a gig he is a true performer, he sings, dances and plays the guitar all while getting the audience involved which is something I love when performers do its something I feel that shows they are just an normal as we are and they are up there trying to have just as a good a time as us. I loved that he also sang so many of his old songs which everyone knows not many people know hes newest album the friend who I went with only knew 2 of his new songs so when the old songs came on she was beyond happy.

If anyone has ever wondered if he’s worth getting tickets to see I 1000% say you should, me and my friend are already saying how we want to see him again and I’m sure that we will!

I know this post is a little different to my normal Beauty related ones but its something that I thought so many people might like!

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