Drugstore Haul

It’s that time where so many amazing products are being released and im slightly spoilt for choice but at Christmas I received a gift card from my brother so I popped into my local Boots store to pick up some goodies!

Firstly I grabbed a Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask ive had this twice before it’s for dehydrated skin which is always great on my dry skin. I’m not entirely sure if it does anything for me personally but as Garnier constantly have offers on like they did on this range I thought i’d grab one. They are very wet tissue masks and take a while to get to grips with it but once you have they sit nicely on my skin.


I also picked up one of the Barry M matte me up lip kits in shade POSE which I did swatch in the shop, well at least I thought I did the shade I swatched was labelled with the wrong sticker in store so I actually got the wrong one, I wanted the brown nude and this is more of a baby pink nude. But I have heard great things about these and I cant wait to try it. Also how cool is it that it is the liquid lipstick itself with the matching lipliner?


Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit I have seen this so much but I never knew if it was worth it but after looking and swatching for a while and continuously looking at it every time I go into store I finally picked it up. It reminds me totally of Nars products with the very sleek but simple packaging. I cant wait to have a play and see how it compares to my Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette.


I have been looking for a face wash for a while now and when I saw that Garnier brought out this Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash I knew I had to try it. I use the Micellar Water and I think it is amazing, leaving my skin with no traces of my makeup from that day. Surely this will be just as good if not better!


These are my absolute favourite makeup wipes which are the No7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes, I always remover my eye makeup with wipes as sometimes other products can irritate my eyes. These are AMAZING and for the price of £7 a pack they should be but No7 always have offers on in which you can but 3 for 2 and I had a discount voucher of £5 so I ended up paying £9 for 3 packs absolute bargain if you ask me!


I also brought a new body mist which is from SO…? and I got the fragrance Vanilla as I love it, I don’t like to wear perfume every single day as I think it’s a waste so a simple body mist or spray does the job for me!


Barry M have also brought out colour correcting wands and I picked up the green one, for the redness around my nose which I usually cover up with the YSL Touche Éclat Radiant Touch and it seems to work very well but Barry M is a lot cheaper and if this does the job ill be saving some pennies!


I also got some Cotton Wool pads, I prefer the oval ones as they bigger than the normal circular ones so they end up lasting double the time.

Sorry it’s not the longest post but I only picked a few things up, I would love to know if there are any products you think I should buy and test out?

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  1. inkimmyshead says:

    Love this katrina!! Some of the products i love too which makes it better so many great things at a bargain price too 🙊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chloe Lauren says:

    i bloody love a good haul, and most the things in this I’ve wanted, especially the Barry m lots! Also done the same as you with the wipes! They’re so worth it for £2, id pay that for a normal pack of wipes
    Clo x


    Liked by 1 person

    1. katrinahobbs says:

      Highly recommended the Barry M bits!! Using them all week now & 100% the best wipes about!! X


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