My Easy Go To Makeup


1. MOISTURISE – I have incredibly dry skin to the point that it looks like its peeling on my nose like ive been sunburnt thankfully it dosent look sunburnt aswell. So moisturising my face is something i cant miss out and I do it twice a day In the morning before i apply my makeup and at night before i go to sleep. The moisturiser i am currently using is ‘No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Day Cream’ this is cream leaves my skin very glowy and depending on the coverage of makeup I am using depends on how glowy my skin will be.

2 PRIMER – I personally dont have many primers but I know that due to my dry skin its something I should use I am currently using the very highly recommended ‘Kat Von D Lock It Primer’

3. CORRECT – I always use the ‘YSL Touche Elcat Radiant Touch’
i place this around my nose and under my eyes but i dont use to much products as i feel it sometimes comes through the foundation. Blending that in I used the ‘Contour Brush From Real Techniques’

4. FOUNDATION –  Again going back to having dry skin I cant seem to find a foundation that works perfectly for me, But i am using the ‘L’Oreal Infallible Stay Fresh Foundation’  in shade 125 ‘Naturel Rose’ which seems a shade dark for me so i am mixing in the ‘NYX Pro Foundation Mixer’ in White which makes the PERFECT shade and i blend it in with the ‘Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge’ But making sure its slightly damp before using. Them bouncing the sponge all over my face it leaves it very natural. I personally dont like full coverage as i feel it cakes up to much but this foundation is a medium coverage.

5. POWDER – Even though I have dry skin I still set my face but I dont bake it, I am using the ‘Airspun Loose Face Powder’ which has become my absalute fave setting my face using the ‘Real Techniques Multi Task Brush’ and aply it to my whole face but I dont ever brush it on my face as iI feel the foundation can move.

6. BRONZE – I am using the ‘Rimmel London Sculpting Palette’ in 002 Coral Glow with my ‘Real Techniques Stippling Brush’ as i feel like you can contour and bronze with this, making a sharp contour just with the bronzer. I love this pronzer which also comes with a blush and highlight which im not using today.

7. Eyeshadow Primer – I used the ‘Too Faced Shadow Insurance’ which is a very natural primer and dosent seem to cake but I always set it. Blending this in with my ‘Real Techniques Miracle Complextion Sponge’

20170121_1459268. EYESHADOW – Using my favourite ‘Morphe Brushes Koffee Palette (35K) I actually only used 2 shades the first one all over the lid and the second one in the crease. This is my go to eyeshadow colours and its so easy and depending on how deep or smokey you want it depends on how much on the darker colour i place in the crease. Rememeber to ALWAYS blend you can never blend to much its the biggest tip for the perfect smokey eye. I also brought the shadows on the lower lashline but that its your choice if you like that.

9. EYELINER – The eyeliner I used was ‘Too Faced Sketch Markey’ I really love this eyeliner its completly black. I feel like everyone has there own way of doing winged liner and its defiantly something you have to practice. I always do the lashliner first and then do the wing after.

10. MASCARA – The Mascara I’m using is the ‘Urban Decay Perversion’  I LOVE THIS it gives me length just as well as volume I dont like clumpy lashes and this is far from it. So I applied this to my top and bottom lashes with 2 coats on each.

11. EYEBROWS – I personally do my eyebrows last so no powders get stuck into them, the product I first used was ‘Soap & Glory Archery Brow’ in Brownie Points, I love this as it has a felt tip end which i used at the front to make them a bit fuller and I also use it on the tail of my brow to make it more sharp. I them use the crayon end to make them a little more bold all over apart from the front of my brow. To finish that off and make them stay in place all day i use the ‘Maybelline Brow Drama’ In medium brown throughout them.

LIPS – Today I am wearing ‘ Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker’  in Rose & Shine. This leaves my lips looking glossy and plump!


Hope you liked this post about my go to makeup, if there’s any other looks you would like let me know.

Lots Of Love Katrina x


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