My Favourite Bath and Shower Gel

Baths…my favourite thing in the world, I could stay in one for hours. Its my time to chill out and relax, put my phone on silent while having a cup of tea and just think about things that ive been to stressed to do.

I had been looking for the ultimate bath gel for ages and I was getting rather annoyed that I would pay a bit more than some brands and they wouldn’t be bubbly and make my skin silky smooth which is what I wanted.

Until I can across Treacle Moon I haven’t seen this brand in many places I got mine from Tesco’s it’s around £3 for a 300ml bottle. I simply add about a grape sized amount and run it under the hot water, it makes amazing smelling bubbles and I mean lots of bubbles which is exactly what i want ive used this brand for around 2 and a half years and i dont think ill ever stop. Not to much fragrance to them so they are over powering but just enough that you feel like your in a different place.

Something i love about the packaging is each of the different scents have a different message on them to remind you of a certain time, place or season.

20170119_172522   20170119_172458

My favourite ‘ Marshmallow Hearts’ – ” Deep in the night when all the dreams come true there is a candy store laden with gloriously coloured jars, each filled with memories so beautiful you want them to stay forever…”

 My favourite winter scents is ‘Warm Cinnamon Night’ – ” She watched the ice flowers on the window pane fade… her eyes slowly closed in the cinnamon scented bubbles and in the soft darkness told stories to the laughing moon… ”

My favourite Summer scent – ‘My Coconut Island’ – ” I’m going to a faraway place she said… just for a while…her toes wriggled in the warm sand and a silly seagull laughed and danced in the sweet wind.”

How cute are they? they always remind me of the place they are describing so perfectly and ive found myself remember certain places ive been when using them which also  means i miss being there.

I would love to know what your favourite bath products are…let me know so I can try them!



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  1. Serena Reidy says:

    Love this range! I bought a whole collection before Christmas!


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