Too Faced The Power Of Makeup | Nikkie Tutorials

In 2016 this was one of the most hyped products, Too Faced collaborating with YouTuber sensation Nikkie Tutorial what more could a makeup lover want? I personally watch Nikkie’s videos and have done for over a year. There is no denying she has some serious skills with applying makeup, day-to-day looks as well as unbelievable Halloween looks. I love them.

When I saw this palette announced on her YouTube I was so excited Nikkie herself made a video on the whole entire product collection and swatched the palette. The pigmentation was undeniable, but when I saw the price I was a bit skeptical to order it as ive never had any Too Faced products before but eventually I couldn’t help myself as we all seem to do.

The package didn’t take long to arrive and I instantly LOVED the packaging im not personally a huge lover of Pink but leopard print but I liked it with all of the gold. The packaging its self wasn’t Too Faced normally packaging of metal it was a cardboard palette.

Upon opening you could smell the famous Chocolate Soleil Bronzer which everyone loves I personally think it’s a great touch to a product who doesn’t like chocolate? In the palette there are 9 shadows 5 being shimmers and 4 being Matte. 2 Blushes in ‘I Will Always Love You’ & ‘Justify My Love’ along with ‘Chocolate Soleil’ & ‘ Champagne Truffle’ Highlighter.


I personally wasnt as pleased with this palette as I thought I would have been, I didn’t feel the shadows were as pigmented as they were shown which i disliked about it. The shimmer shadows were very pigmented and applied amazingly but the mattes didn’t and I don’t find myself reaching for this palette over my Morphe palette as on daily wear I don’t wear shimmer shadows and only wear mattes.  I  didnt like many of the products in this palette as i didnt personally feel like the ‘Chocolate Soleil Bronzer’ worked for me very well which is a shame as I have seen so many people love it. I also am not a huge Blush wearer but I have tried these and I don’t think they are that bad and i sometimes wear them. 

P.S I know this is really late but it was in my drafts and thought i may as well upload!

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  1. inkimmyshead says:

    Great post katrina, love posts that are described as thouroghly as this one (is that how you spell that haha)! And that its honest too – ive never heard of this palette before aghh! But its fab to hear about it and see swatches of how the colours look for real!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. katrinahobbs says:

      Haha you were close enough, I knew what you meant! I only knew of the palette because of watching her videos, she’s amazing with makeup!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. inkimmyshead says:

        Yeah she definitely is amazing! Her skills are just wow x

        Liked by 1 person

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