Morphe Brushes 35 Koffee Palette (35K)

Its fair to say this year has been all about Morphe and how affordable there products are, this is my first palette from Morphe after seeing so much hype about this brand. This isn’t originally the palette I wanted as I couldn’t see myself using the cooler tones, I keep it safe with browns so I was after the 35O & 35OM but they were so hard to get old of so I went for this palette.

with finger, with brush

This palette is amazingly pigmented as you can see in the swatches I have used these with brushes and with my fingers and there isn’t much difference in the two. I adore this palette the eye shadows are so buttery and glide onto the eyes with such ease and you don’t need to blend for ages to get it how you want.

With this palette I can go from a day look through to a night out without having to grab any other shadows from different palettes as you have everything you need in this. I also think these shadows last very long time on my eyes and don’t ever smudge or crease which is exactly what I like in my shadows.

Morphe Brushes is harder to get hold of in England but some of there products are sold on and around the £20 mark which you may feel is a lot of money for eye shadows but considering you get 35 shadows for great quality is amazing and I’ve just purchased the 35O Palette and 35F Palette.

Something I know many people dislike about this brand is the packaging but because of the price you get what your paying for, its a plastic black case but it doesn’t seem to bother me as the product themselves are great and they are secure!

If you can get hold of any of the palettes from Morphe grab them while you can as they are continuously going out of stock within a couple of hours of being restocked!!

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  1. So jealous, your photos are amazing as wel, Lovely post! Do you think you could follow me back as I’m so close to reaching my goal of 500! Thanks so much 😘

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  2. collectivestrand says:

    Great post, would love to try the morphe pallet.

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