MAC Caitlyn Jenner Collection

                 Are you a huge makeup lover? or a fan of Caitlyn Jenner?

I have never personally brought anything from MAC as I was never sure if the price was worth it, but after seeing the collection come out with Caitlyn Jenner and wanting to invest in some MAC products i finally bit the bullet and brought the Cremesheen Lipstick in ‘Rockit’ and The Lip liner in ‘Whirl’ which has had a huge craze after Kylie Jenner confirmed it was one of her favourites.

My package came within a few days and its fair to say I was excited to finally get my hands on them. First impressions of the lipstick and lip liner is amazing I LOVED the packaging from the matte black bullet with the sleek gold lid which is a lovely change from the normal all black packaging.

I had a little play the them and within a few days the Lipstick became my go to I was reaching for it everyday as it was moisturising and glided onto the lips with such ease and due to it being a cremesheen nude it wasn’t necessary to wear a lip liner with it. Its defiantly more of a rose nude and not a brown nude but i LOVE it. I also really like the lip liner its honestly not the easiest to apply as its not a soft pencil and you have to work with it a bit more than other lip liners i have used but in my experience they are the ones which last longer. I prefer to wear the Lip liner with a different lipstick and more for going out as its a darker brown colour paired with a smoky eye.
I can honestly say that i will be repurchasing both of the lip products again as I am highly impressed and its made me want to add more MAC Products to my collection.

Overall I highly recommend the products and if your looking for a perfect nude I think you may of found it!

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  1. I never even knew that was a thing, wow!! Lovely post! Do you think you could follow me back as I’m so close to reaching my goal of 500! Thanks so much 😘


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